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PowerPoint 2010
PowerPoint 2013
Recolor Clip Art 2007
Summary Slides 2007
Picture Placeholders
Looping Intro
Pop Up Text
Page Turns
Slide numbers in Front of Pictures
Chapter numbering
Number Appendices
4 Up handouts
Choose a number
Slide Index
Custom Shows
vba code
Flash Cards
Multiple Instances
PowerPoint 2007
Mail Merge
Random events
Set spellcheck language
Toolbars 2003/3
On Click Animation in Kiosk Mode
Screen magnification
Audience Voting
Pattern Fills (2007)
Animated PDF's
SmartArt & Viewers
Enter Text Live
Problems & Tricks



JigSaw Maker3

Need to make a jigsaw in PowerPoint with corners, straight edges and animation. This Add In will do it all for you automatically using your own designs with or without text!


NEW Pro Tools


Complete control over Guide insertion
Animate Tables
New Crop Tools including Crop image to slide size.

Looping cross fades and more ...



If you are a professional or advanced user creating presentations or templates this will save you hours!

See details

If you just want to create a A stack of images with a looping cross fade there's a stand alone option. Windows only versions 2016 and later. OPEN THE PAGE


Custom Show AddIn

Custom Cut allows you to create a master show and make custom shows including slides you use regularle. You can then download any of the custom shows as a pptx. If the main presentation content is updated simply redownload any of the custom shows. Also fixes the problem in 2013 onwards where SHIFT vcannot be used to multi select slides.

More on Custom Cut


Problem With A Product?

How to use JING to demonstrate it to us!

Windows Updates

How to turn a troublesome update OFF *NEW*

How to make the Alignment tools work better in 2007 / 2010!!

TIP OF THE MONTH - How to create Photo Albums that are NOT 4:3

Page Turn Animation - Easily and Quickly Create Animated Booklets with PowerPoint

Create Page Turn animations in PowerPoint


PowerPoint 2016/365/2019

I need 2010 themes for my course! *NEW*
Reposition text in Picture placeholder.
Animate PART of a line.
Move Here / Copy Here WHY?
My numbered bullets are Italic or Bold
Picture Artistic Effects (multiple images)
Custom Shaped Picture Placeholder
I keep getting a Move Here / Copy Here menu
My Notes Pages Look ODD!
Weird Distortion in Show Mode Only
Free Tool to globally remove / list all Ink Mark Up
Set DEFAULT size to NOT be 16:9

Presenter View changes my Dual Monitor Setup *NEW*
InsertFromFile Bug (vba) *NEW*
Variants Do Not Appear *NEW*
Images in my PHOTO ALBUM will not rotate or ungroup  *NEW*
Chart Bug (Data labels) *NEW*
Animations will not work in 2007 but do in 2010 0r 2013  
A Spreadsheet that works in SHOW Mode *NEW*
Play a video ON CLICK and auto move to next slide when it ends *NEW*
You Tube Full Screen

Annoyed by the new find dialog?
Animate two (or more) charts to animate together
Two line Footers
ReApply the Notes Master (freebie)
Cleaner, autoplay You Tube
Designer - why it doesn't work
Slide Zoom Restarts Animation
Strange Distorted Arrows
CUSTOM Highlight Colors (not 2016)
Slide Show NOT Full Screen
How to Detect Dark Mode With vba

PowerPoint 2010

Hyperlink Warnings
Move Here / Copy Here WHY?
My numbered bullets are Italic or Bold
Custom Layout does not follow Master
Move slides and retain Section Information *NEW*
Images in my PHOTO ALBUM will not rotate or ungroup  *NEW*
Update Link with Right Click
Larger animation delay *NEW*
Can't type in Notes pane or search for clip art *NEW*
Video from web - wrong version of Flash *NEW*
OLD STYLE Auto Run Package to CD with a viewer!
2007 style cropping!
Save as Web Page missing!
Background Removal Tool is DISABLED!  *NEW*
Use MSGraph!  *NEW*
Custom Right Click menu
Number sections from ONE with vba
Create your own Layouts  *NEW*
Half of the Transitions have disappeared! *NEW*
New Shape Tools 
pps files open in Edit Mode  *NEW*
Turn OFF connectors!
New sound Edit Tools (Problems)
Media Triggered Animations *NEW*
New Viewer Available  *NEW*
Start viewer FULL screen
Animate a Chart
Video across slides  *NEW*
Where did the stretch animation go? *NEW*
PowerPoint cannot open the type of file represented by ....
Animated text in circle (2007 / 2010) *NEW*
Slide Numbers omitting some slides  *NEW*
Don't show me the media timeline in my show *NEW*
No Sound Plays!!!
Smart Art Connectors
Patterned LINES *NEW*
Transparent text *NEW*
Create tabs in the open template dialog *NEW*
Splash screen too slow for you? *NEW*
New SDI Interface *NEW*
Landscape and Portrait Mixed *NEW*
Show/Hide Section Slides *NEW*
Shrink Text On OverFlow won't work! *NEW*
Text in a circle *NEW*
Get "old style" slide numbers back (vba) *NEW*
Disabled Animations
Have I Got Service Pack 1?
Fix Screentips
Black & White printing bug (greyscale prints)
Turn OFF Image Compression On Save *NEW*
Extract images, sounds, video and more ...
Drag and Drop 2010  *NEW*
Multi-Page Word in PowerPoint
My files show as ICONS
A Spreadsheet that works in SHOW Mode *NEW*
My Images Are Downsampled
Why can't I insert You Tube?



A new Amazing Add In to arrange text or shapes around a circle or arc. Create your own logos or Smart Art!

Screenshot1 Screenshot2



Hangman Game

Create fully featured professional Hangman games with PowerPoint in seconds. (2007 / 2016 only).

Features Used successful  and unsuccessful letters, Animated Hangman, On screen keyboard.

Add interest to your presentations! NO macros!

Great for reinforcing words and concepts!

Hangman Game

See Our Products Here

Drag 'n Drop

Handouts and printing

Print 4 up handouts without ALL the white space around slides or 2 up notes pages!
Print 2 up handouts with lines for Notes!
Change the default print settings to Handouts (or anything else!)  *NEW*
Type out JUST the notes in Word 
Type out Multilingual Notes in Word 


A menu slide that can be controlled with Tab / Shift tab
Making sure animations play on second visit to slide.




PowerPoint Tips for using sound

Pause and restart sounds in PowerPoint
I want to embed a wav sound in PowerPoint NOT link to it.
I want to embed mp3 files in PowerPoint.
Two sounds play at once
Rip mp3 files from a CD.
I want my sound to play for the whole PowerPoint presentation not just the first slide.
I want my music to play while the presentation loops.
Why don't my PowerPoint animations play when I add music.
Extract images, sounds, video and more ...
Replay a narration when you go back to a slide

Random Dice Roll, Coin Flip, Random Name Choice & More...

animation No vba, plays in the viewers!



Play two videos at once in PowerPoint
How to Play U Tube Videos in PowerPoint.*NEW*
Text in front of movies in PowerPoint.
Make my video play throughout the presentation.
Make sure Videos play in your PowerPoint presentation.
Insert a Media Player Object
"Edit" video in PowerPoint
Relink broken links *NEW*
Windows Media Player Object Reverts to NOT Fullscreen *NEW*
Bookmark Triggers Do Not Play
Skip to bookmark


****Recolour Clip Art in 2007 and 2010! Click Here


Other Things

Iphone stuff
A password to continue with the show



Screen Magnification

Magnifying Glass


Clever Numbers **NEW**

An Add In that can number chapters / Appendices and make auto TOC's!
Chapter 1:2 ... Appendix 3:ix !!


Animated gifs / videos as a timer
Create a manual timer with vba in seconds (no vba in final presentation)


Yes, Bingo in PowerPoint! Print out random score cards, choose the numbers keep track of called numbers!

Custom Shows

Using Custom shows - making sure animations play on second visit to slide.
Using custom shows to get a very nice hot spot zoom effect.
Using custom shows to get a mouseover rollover.
Using custom shows to show Pop Up information
Custom-Cut - Easier custom shows /Custom Shows > standalone presentations

vba code

Tips for using vba in Powerpoint

Run code on presentation load (2007 2010 only)
Countdown to a day
Choose a Name
Change the Image of an Inserted Media File
Bold or Italic ANY text in quotes
Make a calendar for any month /year
What AddIns are Installed?
Animate by SENTENCE (not Paragraph)
Change row format in a table
Control Volume Slide by Slide
Fixed Radius corners
Show me AddIns
Set ActivX fill color
A control TextBox that ONLY accepts Numbers *NEW*
Find co-ordinates of a line
Text that updates when slides change
A Printable List of Animations
I want the main slides to loop but NOT the Intro
Read Rehearsed Timings
Make a "Table" from shapes.
Change connectors to Lines (2003 only)
Use text from a control TextBox
Tweak recorded timings (FREE AddIn)
Run code when show starts (2007 2010 only)
Number WITHOUT hidden slides
Delete shapes with vba
Print the Current Slide  *NEW*
Make comments visible in show mode
Create a segmented ring
Send an Email from powerPoint *NEW*
File Scripting Object
Simulate names from a hat *NEW*
Print Odd or even slides only *NEW*
Points conversions
A search box (jump to found text) *NEW*
Make thumbnails
See ALL the comments on a slide
Regular Expressions in PowerPoint  *NEW*
How to use vba in a presentation.
Write your own vba (beginner)
Random Number Choice *NEW*
Odd / Even footers *NEW*
Permanently save and load settings with vba
Message Boxes that speak to you!
Trigger animation with vba code
vba pop up text on mouseover
Some vba samples (Last slide viewed +1, change colour ,random slides, full screen image )
More vba samples (Table format copy, selective printing, reverse order)
swap colors with vba (swap all shape fills to a new color mixed live)
Fix Double Shadows 2003 > 2007
Using InputBoxes
A password to continue with the show *NEW
All about Message Boxes *NEW*
Countdown to a special day
Hands Off my Master When "They" add strange fonts and colours to your template!
Make vba code run as part of a standard animation sequence.
Referencing slides and shapes. *NEW*
How to modify animations with vba. *NEW*
Search and Replace
Add an animation with vba
Remove ALL Animation
How to make single slide presentations from a larger presentation
A PowerPoint Scrolling News Ticker.
Make link text change when slides are re-ordered *NEW*
A simple audience voting system  Let the audience vote! Free Demo
How to use SlideID A safer way to reference slides in vba
Fake Kerning in versions before 2007
PowerPoint vba
Tags in PowerPoint
How long will my presentation run?
Control a shape's movement with vba
Agenda Slides with vba *NEW*
'Hyperlinks' with vba *NEW*
Format Photo Albums
Work with MSGraph *NEW*
Combine presentations
Add a ribbon entry in PowerPoint 2007
Write a custom custom animation with vba *NEW*
Type my notes out in Word! *NEW
Make all pictures greyscale *NEW*
Slide Numbers omitting some slides 2007/2010
Get "old style" slide numbers back (vba)
Multi-Page Word in PowerPoint



Choose a Random Number in PowerPoint

Check out our new Dice Add In too!

Choose a random number using a spinner. No vba or Flash is used and the spinner will work in the viewer.

PowerPoint Spinner

Free Demo


esheet banner


Make bullets appear line by line
My Bullets Do Not Align Vertically with Text
Bulleted lists - first item starts on screen, others follow on click of mouse.
Bulleted lists - have images appear with text.
Bulleted lists - subtitles and bullets.
Bulleted lists- Dim sub levels as one.
Sub Titles in 2003 and earlier.
I changed the first letter of my text to a different colour and the bullet color changed!
Bullets line by line on click
Wrap text around a picture
Have text fade in and then fade out with next bullet
Make a picture bullet just using PowerPoint

Magic Bullets

Bullets that are BOTH bullets AND numbers - Possible?

See Here

And the next box can auto renumber from where the last one finished.

Magic Bullets


PowerPoint Triggers - The Definitive Guide Pt 1 (Basic triggers).
Triggers - The Definitive Guide Pt 2 (One trigger two animations)
Triggers - The Definitive Guide Pt 3 (Flipping shapes)
Triggers - The Definitive Guide Pt 4 (Jeopardy buttons)
Triggers - The Definitive Guide Pt 5 (Redirect hyperlinks with triggers!)
Triggers - Shapes appear when slide opens
Triggers - Change the order
Trigger on Bullet points
Keyboard Triggers (trigger from the keyboard)
Triggers - Conditional triggers (If ... Then ....Else without vba!)
Using PowerPoint triggers to force hypelinks in sequence
Delayed Triggers
PowerPoint Pop Up information
Automatically create Pop Up text
Checkboxes with triggers
Password keypad
NON rectangular Action Buttons *NEW*


I want to make my presentations secure *NEW*
Distribute as an Animated PDF from a PowerPoint File



Make flashcards automatically

Tricks and Problems!

Semi Transparent Images
Create a presentation From Excel (no code)
Urgent messages during Show
Group is greyed
Multiple PowerPoint instances - Can it be done. Maybe see these tips!
Pattern fills in 2007 - Gone or not? *NEW*
Put Pattern Fills back in 2007- Add In *NEW*
Crop non uniform shapes
How to get "old style" WordArt in 2007
Broken Hyperlinks in 2003 or earlier
Simulate flow with Motion Paths
Keep the mouse pointer always visible
Enter text LIVE in a show
Create Pop Up Text
I start a show and it doesn't appear!
Animation won't play on second visit
Move slide number IN FRONT of full screen graphic
Trigger animation with vba code *NEW*
Link to a non kiosk presentation from a kiosk show
Get to the selection pane in 2007 quickly
Highlight Text (2007 only) *NEW*
Open 95 files *NEW*
Add a logo / picture to a table cell *NEW*
Landscape and Portrait Mixed
Multi-Page Word in PowerPoint

best sellers

Version 2007

Some of the new feature and problems in this new version of PowerPoint

Picture Placeholders
Get "old style" slide numbers back (vba)
Text in a circle
Where's the Little Animation Star Gone? *NEW*
Where have the Guides gone?
pps files open in Edit Mode  *NEW*
Create your own Layouts  *NEW*

Using keyboard shortcuts in PowerPoint 2007.
Where's "Clippy" the assistant.
Show me how to do it with the new ribbon.
Soft Shadows look awful when shown in 2007 viewer
Do you REALLY want to keep the Ink Markups?
Make the Selection Pane open automatically!
Put Pattern Fills back in 2007- Add In *NEW*
I Want Old Style Slide Numbers back!
Set the Default Layout
Add commands to QAT and call from the keyboard
Add PickUp and apply *NEW*
Highlighter *NEW*
Slide Numbers omitting some slides *NEW*
Recolor Clip Art *NEW*
Can you recolour clip art in 2007? *NEW*
Transparent text *NEW*
Landscape and Portrait Mixed
My files show as ICONS
Smart Art Connectors
Use MSGraph!
Shrink Text On OverFlow won't work!
Turn OFF Image Compression On Save
Extract images, sounds, video and more ...
Multi-Page Word in PowerPoint

My guides are invisible!

Simple Mail Merge in PowerPoint

You can mail merge in Word but how can you do this in PowerPoint?


Random events with vba.
Random actions in PowerPoint WITHOUT vba.
Choose a number for quiz games.
Choose names from a list without repetition

Animation and Hyperlinks

How to Tween in PowerPoint *NEW*
Mixing "on click" animation and automatic transitions.
Making an image fade to partial transparency.
How to make the spin emphasis rotate about an ADJUSTABLE pivot point.
Animating a simple picture zoom.
Using click animations in Kiosk Mode OR with click TRANSITIONS disabled. *NEW*
Reset Kiosk presentations to slide one
How to enter Text During Show. *NEW*
How to keep the pointer always visible during a PowerPoint show. *NEW*
Making Animated Timers *NEW*
A Looping Introduction
Animation won't play on second visit *NEW
Slow Zoom Out for Pictures  *NEW
Control the start of animated gifs in PowerPoint *NEW

TWEENY - Tweening comes to PowerPoint

Spell Checking


If the presentation was created with a different language set to your own you may have major problems clearing all reference to the former language. Allows you to set a language for the whole presentation (NOT the default for all presentations.)

This will do it for you in a flash!


Toolbars in 2002 / 2003

Modify commands on a toolbar or menu (NOT 2007)
Modify commands on a right click menu (NOT 2007)
Add a MACRO to a right click menu (NOT 2007)
Using the Select Multiple Objects Tool (NOT 2007)


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