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Create 16:9 or 16:10 Photo Albums in PowerPoint

The Photo Album tool is great but it seems that you can ONLY make them in 4:3 format. Adjust to a widescreen format and all the images distort making it useless.

Here's how to create widescreen albums with no distortion!

Step One

Create an album with just one image. You will get two slides. DELETE the slide with the image and set to 16:9 (or any other format). You might want to save this as 169Blank for future use.

Step Two

Now Choose EDIT Photo Album and choose the images you want to include.

Hey Presto!

An album with no distortion.

This is Pretty Easy

But it can be easier if you have 2007 / 2010 and US$7,00. We have an AddIn that completely automates this. Simply hold down CTRL while clicking Insert PhotoAlbum from the standard ribbon and you will have an option to choose the format you need before creating the album as normal. No distortion of images EVER and all the usual features are available..

Requires a Windows PC with PowerPoint 2007 onwards. Click BUY NOW and pay $7 securely with PayPal or a major card. You will get an email with download instruction. Unzip the download and read the PDF for simple install instructions. The $7 just about covers our costs and you will be supporting this site which is hopefully useful to you!

No Email after 20 minutes, first check your spam folder and then email john@pptalchemy.co.uk/

No risk!





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