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Open PowerPoint 95 Files in 2003 SP3 / 2007

If you are given files created in powerPoint 95 or saved in the 95 - 2003 format you will find they will not open in PowerPoint 2003 SP3 or later versions. Microsoft considers this format a potential security problem.

What can be done to open the file?

  • Open with a version that can read this format and resave in the later format.

  • Make a registry change (2003 to allow this format).

  • Use a converter

Versions that can read this format:

Versions before 2003 SP3 will read the file and then you can save as a .ppt (NOT 95-2003). The saved file will now open in 2003 SP3 or later. This is the easiest method IF you have the earlier version or have a nice friend who does. With vba this can be automated see Steve Rindsberg's explaination here

Change the registry

This is only for 2003 SP3 it doesn't work in 2007 on.. You can download a file from Microsoft to make the changes. Think carefully before doing this if you have no knbowledge of registry files.

Allow the file format

Dis-allow it again

Convert the file

ZamZar offer an online conversion from .pps files to .ppt files. If your .pps file was in the 95 format it will come back in the new .ppt format. Problem solved. Starting with somefile.ppt (95) simply rename it to somefile.pps and submit it to ZamZar here. Before renaming you will need to make sure that you can see the .pps extension. Details here.


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