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PowerPoint Macro - Add it to a right click menu

Record or write a macro and add it to a right click menu for quick use


If you have a macro that you want to use often in edit mode going to Tools > macros . macro etc can be a pain!

Here's how to add the macro to a right click menu. First you'll need to know which of the many right click menus to modify! The ones you are likely to use most are :

DRAW > SHAPES this is the menu when you right click a shape

DRAW > PICTURE ditto for pictures

Now Tools > customise and in the Toolbars tab make sure that "shortcut menus" is ticked.

We are going to add a macro to get the name of a shape.

Here's the macro

Sub identifyme()
On Error GoTo errhandler
MsgBox ActiveWindow.Selection.ShapeRange.Name
Exit Sub
MsgBox "There's an error, maybe you've selected more that one shape?"
End Sub

(See" How to use vba" if you're not clear)

We are going to add it to the Draw > shapes menu. Tools > customise and open and leave open the shortcut > Draw > Shapes sub menu

Select the commands tab and macro in the left column. Now drag the identifyme macro on to the shapes sub menu.

Close and right click a shape to make sure it all works.

NOTE if you close the presentation the macro will not exist. No damage will be done but the macro on the right click just wont work unless you copy in the macro to the vb editor.

Dragging the macro to the menu
Drag the macro

The new right click menu
The new Right Click menu

In use
The macro in use



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