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How to zoom out of a picture

You want to start zoomed in tight to a picture showing perhaps one house or an eye and then slowly zoom out to reveal the whole picture.

This should be fairly simple using the emphasis grow/shrink animation but in fact it's a PITA to get it to look professional or even to make it work at all!

This free Add In does all the work inserting multi animations and doing all the math for you.

Download a demo animation here.

To use the Add In download the zip file and unzip. Run the installer msi and then open PowerPoint. You need at least XP on a PC!

In versions before 2007 there will be a new toolbar in 2007 look in the Add Ins tab.

Insert a picture onto a new blank slide and scale to full slide size. It should be reasonably high resolution otherwise you will get severe pixellation.

Select the picture and click the magic wand on the toolbar. It may look a little strange in edit mode but see if it works in show mode!

Download the Add In here


How do I uninstall?
Either rerun the installer or go to the control panel in Windows and uninstall.

Do I need the AddIn on all PC's
No, the AddIn produces standard animations that will play on all PC's with PPT XP onwards or the free viewer

Can I make the zoom out run after a time instead of "On Click"?
Just change the final emphasis to "With previous" and set a delay.





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