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PowerPoint 2007 Guides 1

Like many new replacements for much used programs no-one here is too keen on the new ribbon. Maybe it will grow on us! One problem had us baffled for some time though so we thought we'd share the solution.

Where are the guides? Surely "they" haven't taken them away.

Look in help, mmmm where's help ..... aah found it a ilttle blue question mark floating in space. Good news guides are still here just ...

"Display Drawing Guides on Screen - Select this check box to see guides"

That's easy then. Except it doesn't say where the checkbox is and we can't find it!

PowerPoint 2007 is starting to remind me of a top end idiot proof camera which takes great pics but you can never find what you need in the tiny menus.

Anyway we did find it so here's where its hidden:

Home Tab > Arrange > Align > Grid settings


Still hard to find so look in How to add Guides to the quick access toolbar

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*New* Quick ways to show Guides RIGHT click on slide OR Alt + f9


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