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 Input Text During a Presentation

This is a real useful technique and allows you to take live notes or comments or demonstrate ideas etc. NOTE that in PowerPoint 2007 you may get a warning that ActivX objects can be dangerous. You must enable them if asked.

Step One

View the Control Toolbox. If you have versions before 2007 then View > Toolbars > Control Toolbox. In 2007 you will have to enable the Developer Tab using Office Button > PowerPoint options > Popular. In 2010 use File >> Options > Customize ribbon and tick Developer in the right pane.

Either way choose the textbox option and drag the shape you need onto a slide. NOTE this is not a standard textbox.

ActivX textbox

Step 2 Properties

You will almost certainly want to change the properties of the text box. Right Click > Properties.


You should change the pink settings all to TRUE otherwise you will not be able to enter multi line text.

The yellow arrows indicate where the font can be changed.

The orange scroll settings can be used to enable scroll bars if the text overflows the available space

The fill of the text box can be changed with the green setting

NOTE Do not try to set the background to transparent it will not work. These settings are only available when you are using vba and forms.

You can add initial text in the text section but it is easier to run the show. You cannot enter text in edit mode.

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