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PowerPoint Text in Circle (2007)

PowerPoint improved Word Art in 2007. This shows how to get text to animate in a circle.

Start by creating a text box and adding the text:

Text box with text

Next decide on the diameter of your circle (be realistic - will the text fit!) Right click the edge of the text box and use "Size and Position" to set the (equal) width and height. With the textbox still selected use FORMAT > TextEffects > Transform to select Follow Path > Circle.

Set transform > follow path

You should now see the text is curved (but probably not a circle) and a pink handle. Drag the handle untill the path just forms a circle.

Drag pink handle

Now select the textbox (not the text itself) and change the font size until the text just fills the circle. Finally use the green handle to rotate the shape so that the start of the text is just to the right of top centre.

Rotate shape

To animate add a wheel animation set to ONE spoke.

A much easier way to circulate text and or shapes is the new Add In!!



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