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PowerPoint 2010 New Sound Tools

New in PowerPoint version 2010 are sound editing tools that allow you to trim the start and end position and add fade in and fade outs to any sound right from PowerPoint!

SOUNDS GREAT but the implimentation is not the greatest and we hate it so much that we have written code for all our 2010 PCs to remove the commands so they are never used in client work!

What's Wrong With It?

  • Trim sound in 2010 and it won't play AT ALL in any other version. no message, no warning - just no sound. This is guaranteed to cause users problems! Also See

  • Add a fade on a single slide, works in 2010 but other versions ignore it. Make sure clients ONLY use 2010!

  • Add a fade in or out and play the sound across slides. No fade even in 2010 and again no warning!

  • Trim sound and play across slides, it may or may not work! Going to File > Info > Compress will probably help.

How to Avoid The Problems

Always pre edit the sound before inserting it! If you don't have a professional edit suite you can use pretty much any free editor to trim and add fades. Audacity is good and completely free.



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