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Quickly and easily arrange shapes or text around a circular or arc path. Create amazing logos, custom smart art or just unbelievable patterns Requires version 2007 onward on a PC.! LEARN MORE


Tired of distorted images and shapes when you change from 4:3 to widescreen (or back!). ASPECTS changes that. Switch between formats with no distortion ever! Requires version 2007 onward on a PC.! LEARN MORE

Jigsaw Maker

Make Animated jigsaw slides from your own pictures. Real pieces with straight edges and corners! Version 2002 (XP) onwards on a PC. No code in final presentation! LEARN MORE

Page Turns

Make animated page turn booklets in PowerPoint in minutes. Version 2002 (XP) onwards on a PC. LEARN MORE


If you find the Align Tools in PowerPoint frustrating this tool is for you. Just use the standard buttons but hold down SHIFT or CTRL and the shapes align to the first selected shape which is anchored in place! Simple but can save hours! Version 2007 onwards on a PC LEARN MORE

Simple Merge

Merge data from a CSV file right into merge fields in PowerPoint. A simple and economical way to save you hours of work! Versions from 2002 on a PC only. LEARN MORE


A well designed game slide can be used to get points over in an exciting and memorable way! All of our games use code in production but will play without code (even in the free viewer). This means you can create professional games in minutes. Hangman Millions  BlockBuster  Bingo


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