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PowerPoint Triggers
A Definitive Guide

Part 3 - More Complex Triggers

Did you read "Basic Triggers in PowerPoint" and "Complex Triggers"?

This tutorial creates a shape that flips over when it is clicked to reveal the reverse. It assumes that you have read the other two trigger tutorials and understand the basic concepts.

Start by creating or importing two shapes which will be the front and back view. The shapes or images must be the same shape and size.

Give each shape two animations. An entrance of "Stretch" and an exit of "Collapse". Make sure that all animation speeds are the same and that the direction is set to "Across".

Now place the front shape directly over the reverse shape (if necessary use send backwards to get the order right).

Make the exit animation for the front shape a triggered animation triggered by a third shape or button. Now adjust the order of animations until it looks like the diagram below. Be sure to get the "On clicks" and "After previous" in the correct places.

Flipping image settings

Part 4 - Buttons for Jeopardy type games

You can download a demo of triggered animations here.






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