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Making vba Start as Part of Animation

If you want say a message box to pop up on your slide you can do this with simple vba and trigger it by clicking a button. Suppose though that you want the vba to run as part of a standard animation sequence. This at first sight is very complex indeed.

A Simple Solution

Vba routines can be triggered by a mouseover event on any shape. All you have to do then is create a 99% transparent shape (ie invisible), give it an action setting of mouseover > run macro and have it appear where you need it in the animation sequence use an animation other than "appear" eg fly in.  You can also make it disappear after a short delay if you wish. This will work better if the animation is a motion eg "fly in" this simulates the mouse moving across the shape and gives a more reliable trigger.

At first this may not seem to work reliably. This is because the default for the pointer is to auto disappear which hinders the mouseover.

Solutions are:

  1. Run in kiosk mode (slide show > slide show settings)  <<OR>>
  2. Press ctrl A at the start of each show  <<OR>>
  3. Incorporate vba code which runs at the start, perhaps by pressing a "START" button
  4. Probably best - have the animated shape on the NEXT slide "with previous" and arrange an transition to it. at the appropriate point.

Note that kiosk mode will also prevent on click animations and transitions and may not always be suitable. But see here for a solution to this ON CLICK ANIMATIONS IN KIOSK MODE

vba code for "permanent" pointer

 ActivePresentation.SlideShowWindow.View.PointerType = ppSlideShowPointerArrow

With one of these in place you should find that you can run vba to eg show message boxes or input boxes as part of your animation sequence.

If you would like a simple Add In to set the pointer to always visible (or not!) you can download it free below.

To install

COPY the ppa file

In PowerPoint goto SAVE AS > change save as type to "PowerPoint Add In *.ppa"
(You will now be in the correct folder to paste in the Add In.

In 2007 Office button > PowerPoint Options > Add Ins > Manage Powerpoint Add Ins
In earlier versions Tools > Add Ins

In both Add New and navigate to the add

Use is simple there are buttons for visible / auto - choose what you need!


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