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Change Order of Triggers

If you have several coplex triggered animations with different triggers it seem impossible to change the order in the Animation pane.

Look at this simple example :

Trigger sequence

Is it possible to move the second trigger sequence above the first and why would you wanr to do this?

Download this example presentation HERE

A click on the YES shape changes it to the NO shape and vice versa. The problem is that the slide show starts with the NO shape visible which is not what I want.


PowerPoint looks down the Animation Pane and sees that the first animation for the NO shape is not an entrance. With slightly twisted logic it decides that this means it must  start visible.

To solve this you can add more none triggered animations to make sure the correct YES shape shows but really you just need to change the order of the triggered animations so that the first animation for YES is not an entrance and then it will appear first.

However it seems to be impossible to do this so here is how to go about it. Sounds a little complicated but once you have the idea it is quick and easy.

1. Select all the sub animations (SHIFT Click) in the sequence you want to move and drag so that they are above the triggered (i.e. no longer triggered).

Select all animations

2. While they are still selected go to Timing and re-add the same trigger. This will move it down tthe sequence.

new sequence

Now the YES shape will appear first.



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