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PowerPoint Portrait and Landscape

People often ask us to produce slide decks with portrait and landscape slides.

There's really no way to do this in PowerPoint. If you are projecting the image height is going to be fixed anyway so even if you could have portrait slides they would be noticeable smaller.

The usual suggestion is to have two decks. One portrait and one landscape and use hyperlinks to swap between them. This causes several problems:

1. It's a pain to set up and use!
2. The portrait slides will not match the landscape slide size. Note the two slides are the same HEIGHT but the landscape slide is much larger.

Portrait/Landscape sizes

There really isn't a good solution but there is a way to make the presentation look correct and be fairly easy to manage.

You need to make a template with two masters - one for Portrait and one for landscape. Since you cannot actually have two slide sizes you need to adjust the placeholders to fit the desired orientation and mask off the parts of the slide that you don't want to show.

Masked masters

We've uploaded a simple demo to show you what we mean. You are welcome to adapt it.





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