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Move Here / Copy Here

When you right click on a shape in PowerPoint you probably expect to get this menu :

Right Click normal menu


Often though you get this menu:

Right Click Move/Copy Menu

Let's start by explaining what the second (probably unwanted) menu is for.

Right click a shape and HOLD the button down. Move the mouse and a copy of the shape moves with it.

When you release you get the Move / Copy Menu which now makes more sense.

How to Not See that Menu

The accepted (but incorrect wisdom) is if moving the mouse generates the second menu you must have moved the mouse slightly.

While moving the mouse does of course give you that menu you can screw it to the desk and the menu will still pop up.

Moving is NOT the problem.

So What Can I Do?

The 'trigger' for the second menu is the length of time the right button is down before it is released. Release it quickly - almost a tap and you will never see it again. There are plenty of sites with registry hacks to change the time required but I don't think any of them actually work.



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