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Old Style Numbers in PowerPoint 2007

In 2007 the slide number appears in an editable textbox on every slide. Apparently some people wanted this so they could customize the text but I'd rather have the slide number NOT editable by the user.

Can this be done in 2007?

Here's How to Go About It

First let's prevent the standard slide number showing if the user goes to Insert > SlideNumber. This isn't as easy as deleting the number placeholder on all the layouts! On the Master MOVE the placeholder for numbers off the slide. Make sure all of the layouts follow this. This number will not show in slide show view or print. If you're a perfectionist you might want to set the text colour to exactly match the blue background.

Drag placeholder off the slide

Now add to the master a normal textbox and use insert > Slide number to add a number symbol to it. It should look like this.

Add a new textbox

Format this text to (probably) right aligned and the font of choice. Of course you can do a similar thing with the date / time and footers!

Test it out!


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