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 Sequential Hyperlinks

Suppose that you have a menu page with links to several custom shows and show and return ticked. No problem so far.

Suppose though the shows need to be viewed IN THE CORRECT ORDER. This is not so simple but it can be done

Let's suppose that you have a textbox with hyperlinks to custom shows 1,2 and 3 and you want them only viewed in that order.


Highlight all but the first link and set an entrance animation of appear. Change all these animations to "On Click"

Now in the custom animation pane make sure that they are all selected and use a dropdown arrow to go to "Timing". Set a trigger of the textbox / placeholder itself. make sure that your pane looks like this with all animations below the trigger bar.

custom animation pane

If your links are shapes not text then you can use a similar technique but this time trigger each appearance with the previous shape. You may find that this works even better!

You can also make the previous links exit so that only one link is possible at a time. There's an example to download here. Sequential Links


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