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Pausing and Restarting Music

Pausing music is easy just add an action of pause to the custom animation. You'll find though that if the sound is embedded the music will start again at the beginning and not as you might expect from where you paused it

Linked music will probably start as expected. If you are working with LINKED music then use Insert > Sounds > Play Automatically. With the sound still selected in custom animation choose add effect > Sound Actions > Pause. Double click this entry and set it to happen with a trigger. Finally double click the first sound entry and set it to play from last poition. Your Custom Animation Pane shoud resemble this:

Animation Pane start from last position


Here's a neat way to get more control over your embedded music.

From the Control Toolbox > More Controls choose a Windows Media Player object and add it to the slide. Using the size handles crop the object so that only the controls show.

DON'T KNOW HOW to show control toolbox there are more detailed instructions here

More ControlsInsert Windows Media Player Control

Crop down
Resize to hide all but controls

Right click and in properties > Custom select the sound file to play. You can either choose auto start or not. Make sure that play full screen isn't selected.

You can now play, pause and adjust the volume of your sounds!

Position discreetly!

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