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Mixing "On Click" animations and timed transitions OR Animate then Auto Hyperlink

We got this Email recently:

I used one of your presentations last week and it had three on click animations and then the slide transitioned on its own after a 5 second delay. VBA right? Any chance I could have the code as this is exactly what I want to do!

The writer obviously knew that if you gave a slide an auto transition then the "on click" animation is removed. In essence it's impossible to mix "on click" animation with an auto transition. However we didn't use any vba. In fact controlling "on clicks" with vba is very difficult to do.

It's a simple trick and here's the method:

Create the slide as normal and before adding any animations create a duplicate (Insert > duplicate slide). Now on the original add all but the final "on click" animation(s). This slide must transition "on click".

On the duplicate slide add only the final "on click" animation but change it to an "after previous" or "with previous". If the first slide had any exit animations, scaling or motion paths you should adjust the duplicate so that it looks like the first slide at the point when it transitioned. Most times this will be unnecessary.

Give this duplicate slide an automatic transition of whatever delay you need. Be careful NOT to click apply to all slides. Add any further slides needed.

Insert duplicate slide

Download a demo here

Animate then Hyperlink

Maybe you don't want to give the effect of going automatically to the NEXT slide but want to make it look like an auto hyperlink to another slide or a custom show happen automatically after the last animation. Simply adapt the method slightly. Place the duplicate slide just before the slide to link to, give it a suitable auto transition time. On the original slide add a transparent full slide shape that appears with the last animation on that slide and give it an action of hyperlink to the duplicate. It will appear that the duplicate animation happened on click and then after a delay the hyperlink happened automatically. Easier to do than explain!




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