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Presentation Loops but Introduction Does Not Loop

Suppose you have an unattended presentation and you want the Introduction to show and then the main slides to show in a loop. You do not want the intro to loop and you don't want to have to click any buttons!

Lets suppose the intro is slides 1 and 2.

Create your slide and set all to transition automatically and the show to loop till escape.

Just off slide on slide 1 add a command button from the control text box (You will need to show the developer tab in 2007 on - Options > General in 2007 and Options > Customise Ribbon in 2010 / 2013)

This needs no code but corrects a bug which would otherwise maske this method unreliable. DO NOT miss out this step even if it seems to work without.

Now ALT f11 to open the VBE and paste in this code. If the intro is not slides 1 & 2 make the fairly obvious changes.

Sub OnSlideShowPageChange(SW As SlideShowWindow)
If SW.View.CurrentShowPosition = 3 Then ' change to first looping slide
ActivePresentation.Slides(1).SlideShowTransition.Hidden = True
ActivePresentation.Slides(2).SlideShowTransition.Hidden = True
End If
End Sub

Sub OnSlideShowTerminate()
ActivePresentation.Slides(1).SlideShowTransition.Hidden = False
ActivePresentation.Slides(2).SlideShowTransition.Hidden = False
End Sub




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