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Animation Only Play First Time You Visit a Slide

This is a common complaint. You go back to a slide using a link and none of the animations or sounds play.

This is by design Microsoft believe that if you go back and recap a slide you don't want to go through all the animations. This makes some sense but it may not be what you want!

The Usual Solution

Insert a blank (or possibly better a duplicate slide with animations removed) before the slide with animations, give it an auto transition time of zero seconds and make all links to THIS slide.

Because the transition time is zero you should never see the slide and the animation on the next slide will rest and it thinks this is a normal visit NOT a hyperlink.

Why This Might Not Work

Usually the above method is great but here's an exception. You are linking to an animated slide from several DIFFERENT slides and want to return  to the original slide. An example would be a quiz where you have an animated "Well Done" slide. All goes well until you create a "Last Slide Viewed" link to get back. This doesn't work - the last slide was actually the blank slide and you find yourself back at the "Well Done" Animation.


Create a custom show that has the "Well Done" or whatever animations and link to it as a custom show ticking "Show and Return" (More detail here) As well as returning to the correct slide the second advantage is there is no need for a link button. When the custom show ends on a normal click it will return automatically



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