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If the pointer arrow disappearing after a few seconds annoys you.

  • You can click ctrl A everytime you run a show
  • OR Use kiosk mode and lose click animations (but see here)
  • OR Download this free Add In!

To install

  1. Make sure macro security is set to Medium or Disable with notifiction
  2. If you had to change the security level, close and reopen PowerPoint.
  3. Copy the .ppa file
  4. In PowerPoint > Save As > choose 'Save as Type" PowerPoint add In
  5. Don't save anything - this is just to get to the correct folder!
  6. Paste in the .ppa file and close the dialogue
  7. In 2002/3 Tool > Macro > Add Ins > Add New
    In 2007 Office button > PowerPoint Options > Add Ins > Manage PowerPoint Add Ins > Add New

You should see a new tool bar (In 2007 click the Add In tab)

visipointer toolbar

Click the tick or cross to activate or deactivate.



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