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Making Video Play in PowerPoint

Videos in PowerPoint probably cause more problems that any other technique. Follow these techniques and at least reduce the problem.

Problems you might meet:

  • PowerPoint doesn't support the video format that you are using
  • The video has a codec that your computer doesn't have installed
  • The path length to the video is > 128 characters
  • You don't send the video file with the presentation
  • When you send the files to a friend the path to the video is different on their machine

All of these will prevent the video playing, apart from conversion you can't do much about the first but the others ...

Fix the Codec

There's a free download from Microsoft which will do just that! It's called Windows Media Encoder 9 series and you can get it from here.

Using the convert files function will give you video output with a pretty universal codec.

Choose Convert a file

Media Encoder

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