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You might also want to look at Mouseover pop ups and PowerPoint Pop Ups with Custom Shows

In this tutorial how to make an information pop up that appears and hides when a hot spot is clicked.In this case all of the shapes are on one slide. Another method is to use custom shows which will create cleaner slides.

First create the "hot spot". Insert a suitable shape and set its fill to 99% transparent (100 % may not always work in the viewer) and no line. Position it as required. In the diagram we have used 75% transparent so it is visible!

hot spot

Now add the information that you want to pop up. We have used an image and some text.

information added

Lastly add the animation. Select all the elements of the information using Ctrl Click or drag a selection outline. Now in custom animation add the entrance of your choice. Select again and add an exit. Now select all the entries in custom animation (four in this case) and use the small drop down arrow to go to timing and add a trigger of the "hot spot" shape.

select all animations
Add a trigger

Your Animation Pane should now show the trigger and look like this.

Animation pane with trigger

Repeat to add more hot spots.

This method can create very busy slides and they won't print well. For another method using Custom Shows see PowerPoint pop Ups with Custom Shows.

Download Demo of both methods PowerPoint Pop Ups


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