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PowerPoint Drag and Drop

This is an AddIn that allows you to create and play Drag and Drop presentations in PowerPoint. It is only for windows PCs with a version of PowerPoint from XP onwards.

This now works in 2013 and 2016 / 2019 (not Mac or RT versions)

You can have as many dragable shapes as you wish and create target areas for "successful" drops.

NOTE drag shapes must be simple shapes or images. Groups and tables will not work. As a workaround you can copy and paste these  as a PNG.

There Are Different Options Available:

  • Just Drag 'n Drop.

  • "Bounce back" to start if dropped in wrong area.

  • User defined message if dropped in correct place.

  • Simple animation if dropped in correct place.

  • Simple sound feedback on hit or miss (not editable)

  • Any combination of these options.

  • Control over accuracy required for drop position - pin point to general proximity


Download a demo presentation.

Distributing Presentations

Anyone can play the presentations if they have a version of PowerPoint (not the viewer) from 2002 onwards. The program creates all of the code needed to play the animations.


Drag 'n Drop integrates with the Ribbon in versions from 2007 and creates a new menu in earlier version.

Drag Ribbon

The controls allow you to quickly and easily set the target and start positions, add code automatically to the presentation, manage the message on sucess. You can also define the accuracy needed to hit the target. No coding knowledge required!

The editor is US$19.99. To purchase click "BUY NOW" and pay with payPal or any major card. You will receive download instructions by Email with 30 minutes. If they do not appear please check your spam folder as some systems may treat Emails sent automatically as spam. Don't like it / doesn't do what we say? Just ask for you money back in the first 30 days!

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