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Custom Shows are an incredibly useful and under-used tool in PowerPoint. If you would like to learn more about them there's a completely free E sheet available.

The Custom show interface is pretty well unchanged since those far off days when memory was measured in kb and it is starting to show its age.

Custom show dialogue

Note that we haven't been very careful with our slide names and the list really doesn't tell us the content of each slide. It would be good if you could see a thumb of the slide before adding it to the custom show.

Here's the interface in custom-Cut

Custonm Cut dialogue

The stars indicate the order of selection (they are NOT part of the Add In) You can see that it is much easier to identify the slides AND the slides in the custom show will be arranged in the ORDER THAT YOU SELECTED THEM. This is not the case in the standard interface. you can also select the slides in thumbnail view.

Custom-Cut as its name suggests was designed to create standalone presenations based on any of the cusom shows available. You can use your master file as a library and instantly create presenations based on pre-programmed custom shows. This also means that your numbering will accurately reflect the actual order NOT as in the standard print method the original position in the master. Slides, notes and handouts can be numbered correctly.

The Add In does not interfere in any way with standard dialogue and you can use the two methods interchangeably.


This is the simple to use toolbar. There are only three buttons.

Toolbar for Custom-Cut

Create Custom Shows easily - Make StandAlone Presentations


Custom-Cut is only $25.50 US


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