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Reset Kiosk Presentations On No Activity

If you have a presentation running in Kiosk mode and no-one interacts with it for some time you probably want it to restart.

Before version XP it used to do this after about 5 minutes but later versions seem to have lost this feature.

If you are able to use an Add In (It will need to be on the PC running the presentation and you will need control over security settings to install it) then there's a free Add In that will completely solve your problem.

You can get it here.

If Add Ins are not an option you could also try this:

On slide 2 create a slide sized rectangle. Set the fill to 99% transparent and the line to none. Give it an Action of Hyperlink to Slide 1 ON MOUSEOVER. Add a custom animation of wipe in and double click the entry and set the delay to whatever you need.

Custom Animation settings

After the set delay the shape should appear and reset the slide show. You will also need to add a further blank slide between slide one and two with an auto transition after zero seconds. This slide will never appear but will reset the animation on slide two. This slide can be copy / pasted throughout the presentation where needed and so can the transparent shape.


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