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Animated PDF Files From PowerPoint

Most people are surprised when double clicking a PDF file opens up into what appears to be a PowerPoint full screen slide show!

To make PDF files like this you will need the full version of Acrobat from version 6 on(not the reader) and also a version of PowerPoint before 2007. The Adobe plug in PDFMaker is not supported in Office 2007.

Assuming you have these programs here's how to do it. We used PowerPoint 2003 and Acrobat 7.


In PowerPoint use the PDFMaker Menu to choose "Change Conversion Settings" and make sure that "Save Slide Transitions" and "Save Animations" are both ticked.

Settings in PowerPoint

The PowerPoint Presentation

Keep animations and transitions simple. Use Appear, Fly In and Fade animations and simple transitions. You should avoid having many different animations - always a good idea anyway! Save the presentation before continuing.

Create the PDF

Use the PDFMaker menu to choose "Convert to Adobe PDF".

Adjust the Properties

Open the PDF you have made in Acrobat. Test it by pressing Ctrl L. If all is well change the properties so that it opens in this mode. Press Ctrl D to open the Document Properties and with the Initial View Tab set "Open in Full Screen mode". Save and you're done!

Settings in Acrobat

This is a good way to distribute presentations that are difficult to modify or even easily printout (Use Security > Restrict Edit and Print)

Download a demo PDF



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