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Embedded and Linked Sounds in PowerPoint

Sounds in PowerPoint can be embedded in the presentation OR Linked to a file. Only wav files and specially treated mp3 files can be embedded (see here and here)

Microsoft say that embedding large sound files slows the presentation but at least on my PC I don't notice a great deal of difference. If you notice a marked reduction then try linked files.

Probably though most people will want to embed sounds especially if the presentation is to be distributed. This will prevent links being broken and the sound not playing.


There is one time when you will want to link instead of embedding the sound. Image you have a background music track and sounds attached to animations. If both sounds are embedded then you will probably find that the background sound will stop when the animation starts. Most sound cards cannot play both.

The simple resolution is to have one (or both) of the sounds linked. Now the two sounds WILL play together on most sound cards.

Note If you have an embedded file reducing the embedding limit will not cause it be linked. You must delete it and reinsert.

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