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Change the way you navigate in PowerPoint presentations for ever!

Professional PowerPoint presenters rarely use their presentations in a linear way. With NaviSlides you are able to quickly link to any slide in the presentation.

The Add In can produce either:

NaviSlides - thumbnails of your slides which slide in at the click of a button and enable jumps to any of the previous five or next five slides.

In the Add In the Thumbs slide in!

Example : Note the thumbs ONLY appear when the button is clicked and can be hidden by clicking "X"

NaviSlides produces the thumbnails and add all animations and hyperlinks. If you wish Navislides can also make sure that animations on your slides play on second and subsequent visits to the slide. Final presentations contain no vba code and will play in the free PowerPoint Player (2003 / 2007).

As An Alternative NaviSlides can also produce Index Slides in seconds. Each Index Slide has up to 25 thumbs linked automatically to the corresponding slide.

Index slides

You can easily add navigation buttons to each slide (or on the Master) to link to the Index Slides enabling instant navigation to any slide.

NaviSlides is $39.50 but you can try it for FREE. The DEMO version will produce three presentations with either Navislides or Index Sheets and then function fully except a small watermark is added to the thumbs.

To purchase the full program please click "Buy Me" You will receive an E mail with a download password and instructions immediately

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NaviSlides is for non profit use only. If you wish to distribute presentations for profit with NaviSlide links please contact us for a commercial license. NaviSlides requires PowerPoint XP or later.



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