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Pop Up Text in Microsoft PowerPoint®

One of the most common questions asked is how do I create hot spots that trigger pop up text explainations. You might want this on a map or a picture or diagram.

You can use screentips to create mouseover link information but this may be unsuitable for your need. We also describe how to creat triggered animation here and here.

Both these methods can work well but there are drawbacks:

  • They can be very time consuming to set up
  • If you use transparent triggers they can be very hard to locate if you need to modify them.
  • Printed slides can look very "busy"

All of these are fixed if you use this little Add In!

  1. It's so simple and quick an adult could do it!
  2. It can hide the pop up boxes for printing at the click of a button
  3. You can change the transparency level of all the hotspots - even if you cannot see them!

You can download a demo here which will work for 14 days but is restricted to making 4 pop ups per slide.

The full version of course will make any number.

In both the demo and the full version you can alter font, text size and position, text background and the position of the text boxes (they are auto positioned)

To but the full version for only $11.99 click the buy button NO RISK there's a no quibble money back guarantee! You will get an Email telling you how to download within 30 minutes. If you don't please chack your spam.

money back guarantee




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