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An answer on the Newsgroup from TAJ Simmons put me on to a program called Zoomit. It's free and you can get it here

As you might expect Zoomit allows you to zoom into a slide with the mouse wheel and also pan. This is neat but I don't really need to do this often.Lots of people do seem to want this though and you might be one of them!

Zoomit has another trick up its sleeve though and this is really useful.

You probably know that you can get a pen with a right click or Ctrl P during a show and draw on screen to illustrate points. Very useful but the pen is limited (in the latest version it won't even draw straight lines!

You can call a draw function in Zoomit (Ctrl 2 by default) that can draw straight lines and MUCH more.


Colour - press r,g,b,o,y to change the pen to red, green, blue, orange or yellow
Pen width Ctrl key / left mouse button and wheel to increase / decrease width
Straight Lines - SHIFT

Draw a rectangle - Hold down Ctrl
Draw an oval / circle - Hold down TAB
Draw an arrow - Hold down Ctrl + Shift

Type in TEXT "T" key


Arrows and rectangle


There's no option to retain the annotations butyou can save a jpg (CTRL +S). Zoomit works in all applications not just PowerPoint and can also be used in Kiosk Mode or "show in a window"

Three Trick Pony

Yep, there's more. Zoomit has a built in break timer which can even be semi tranparent and sound an alarm when you're ready to start!

Get Zoomit Free


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