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 Faded Rollovers in PowerPoint

Unfortunately it's not possible to have animations triggered by mouseovers in PowerPoint and so a convincing image rollover is difficult. Here's a way that produces a nice effect using links to custom shows,

Start by creating a slide with two superimposed images the one to show first at the back.

Now create TWO duplicate slides. Once this is done you may delete the front image on the original.

With the first of the duplicates:

Give the front image an entrance of fade. Set it to "With previous" and "Very Fast"
Now add a rectangle just a little larger than the images. Give this a MOUSEOVER hyperlink action of next slide. Set the fill to 99% transparent and line to 'None'.

Send the new shape to the back so that the edges completely surround the images.

Transparent Back
New shape shown selected to make it visible

With the Second Duplicate

Give the Front slide an animation of Exit > Fade. Set it to "With previous" and "Very Fast". Give this slide an auto transition of zero seconds. Make sure that you DO NOT click "Apply to all". Set the transitioin to auto and zero seconds.


Create a new Custom Show containing the two duplicates.

On the original slide delete the front image if you haven't done this already and give the other image a mouseover action of Hyperlink > Custom Show. Make sure that "Show and return" is ticked.

Custom show settings You can download a sample PowerPoint presentation of mouseover rollovers to try here




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